Friday, October 19, 2012

That my lock is secure

I like the luxury of an occasional soak in the bath tub. We have two at our new house. One is a normal tub and the other is a proper spa bath which will hold four people. The spa takes ages to fill and is a real treat for special occasions when a few of us get on our bathers. Most times I just hop into the standard bath. With a good book, a nice drink to sip, a few drops of lavender oil and some Radox or bubbles, it makes a pretty good poor-woman's retreat.

I always lock the door so that other family members don't burst in on me, particularly my 22-year-old nephew and 17-year-old son. This precaution is as much for their sakes as mine, I assure you. Occasionally I'll hear them rattle the door, realise it's locked and then head off elsewhere.

So it occurred to me that although the lock is just a tiny piece of metal I slide across, I completely trust it. I can lie back and relax. If it was at all dodgy or unpredictable, I wouldn't bother having baths at all. (I'm not suggesting I wouldn't be clean. I'd just have showers in my en-suite where the boys never go.) Even a placard warning, KEEP OUT! I'M IN HERE, wouldn't give me as much peace of mind as the lock. I'd be on edge all the time, ready to swoop a towel off the rack and cry out, "I'm in here! Can't you read?" What would be the point of trying to relax if you can't relax?

I began thinking about other things which I declare I put complete trust in. Especially God's love and care of me and the promises I find in the Bible, which I believe is His unbreakable contract with anyone daring enough to take what they read at face value. We are told that He cherishes us as individuals, has provided for us to be blessed and healed and has unique paths marked out for each of us which He will guide us onto. Furthermore, when things appear pear-shaped in the here-and-now, we are promised that it's not the entire picture and that all things will be made to work out for good.

In years gone by, I used to 'talk the talk' without believing it deep enough in my heart to 'walk the walk.' I'd get stressed out, do my block, cry and worry that I'd come to a bad end, or that horrible things might happen to the people I love. My body would show signs of stress such as excessive fatigue, tight muscles, internal disorders and hormonal problems. It's different now. I've figured out that when God says something is true, my job is to accept this without doubting. My 'lock' is secure. Instead of living life as if I'm in the bath tub and somebody is going to burst in on me at any moment, I can trust that His promises will remain secure and enjoy the journey.


  1. Yep - His love certainly is secure. All we have to do is step in and soak it all up!
    A lovely image of relaxing, pampering and refreshment. Thanks Paula.

  2. What a lovely image of unrest when we can't trust and total refreshment when we can lean back in the arms of His promises confident no enemy can expose us. Awesome, Paula.

  3. You have such a great way with words, Paula. Love this image. Thanks for sharing. XXOO

  4. Thanks ladies,
    I always appreciate your dropping by with encouraging comments.

  5. Isn't it wonderful when we just yield and totally trust? Thanks for encouraging me to do it today, xx

  6. Thanks for this, Paula. I know it, but I'm still trying to fully learn it. The lock is an excellent illustration.

  7. Great analogy Paula, and there is absolutely no chance of 'the lock' of God's faithfulness and love ever failing.

  8. Thanks, Penelope, Janet and Lyn,
    I too, find picture analogies like this one good to hang onto during those stretching times :)

  9. Love the lock analogy Paula. I admit I love a soak in the bath with a good book. You can't take a book in showers.

  10. Hi Dale,
    Yep, nothing better. However, I'm sad that I can't take my kindle into the tub. Have to put normal books aside for that.


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