Saturday, September 8, 2012

To push past small truths to get to greater ones

We've had a wet and woolly winter here in Adelaide, South Australia.  My 8-year-old son, Blake, was upset because he'd been sick twice within the same few weeks. First he had a stomach bug and then a cold, which developed into a hacking cough. Being a healthy fellow normally, he asked me why he got unwell.

I told him it was because he'd been in contact with bugs from other people that had obviously spread to him. We spoke about the fact that they create a 'pass-it-on' sort of effect from one person to another.

That got me thinking. What I told Blake is definitely what doctors tell us is the truth, but perhaps some truths are more shortsighted, or 'lesser' truths than others. For example, I read a powerful testimony about Dr John G. Lake ministering in a typhoid infested area but perfectly confident that he wouldn't succomb to the disease because he'd prayed about it. How many of us pray about such things and then still worry and talk about them? Others carried out an experiment in which they placed a live typhoid germ on some of Dr Lake's skin tissues and watched it die on the spot beneath the microscope. He did have a supernatural immunity. It seems Dr Lake was operating under a higher truth than the truth about typhoid germs being contagious.

He simply accepted with complete belief the true premise that as he'd prayed, asking to be shielded from disease, he could completely trust God's care along with the power of his own body's subconscious workings to shield him from all traces of typhoid.

It excites me when I begin to wonder about the implications of this. If people like Dr Lake could put higher truths into motion, then there's no reason why we can't do the same. Why should we limit ourselves to the restrictions of the lower truths we see everywhere, when higher truths are a possibility? I've read many, many stories similar to the one about John G. Lake. They all suggest that God's best plans and care for us will be ignited by our faith, and that fear and disbelief will actually block this good from manifesting.

I aim to try and foster a higher truth mentality in my family. It's been proven many times that a person's deeply held beliefs will work out for him in the natural arena simply because like attracts like. It's a law for all humans. Reading out passages such as Psalm 91, thinking of that shield surrounding and protecting us from all manner of harm with no thought that it won't be done, is a great thing to do when we let the higher truth of it soak deep into our minds and spirits.

The novel I have just finished writing, called Along for the Ride, is about this very thing. I've been researching this sort of occurrence for a long time and it truly fascinates me. There have been enough cases of spontaneous healings, apparent miracles and incredible answers to fervent prayer to make me certain that this higher truth is a solid reality. I think the reasons we succumb so easily to sickness, lack and other adverse circumstances is that they actually are 'truths' in themselves rather than outright lies. I've had many battles with these areas by simply accepting them. Now, I want to be well grounded in all the higher truths that are available to me so that I can find it easier to declare, 'This is just a lower truth.'

Have you any experiences of higher truths in your own lives or those of anyone you know? 
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