The Greenfield Legacy fun

The Greenfield Legacy

In 2012, I embarked on an exciting project with three friends, Meredith Resce, Amanda Deed and Rose Dee. None of us had ever worked on a collaboration with another person before, let alone three others. We were surprised by how much fun we had. The novel played to each of our strengths, yet readers found it difficult to guess which of us wrote which characters' parts of the story.

We originally held a competition inviting readers to match each author with her character. Now that it is over, I can freely say that it was as follows.

Meredith - Mattie
Amanda - Connie
Rose - Navy
Paula - Brooke

I invite you to have a read of the articles and watch the links below.

Australia's first collaborated Christian fiction novel along with trailer Here
Interview about the creation of The Greenfield Legacy with all four authors Here
Australian authors hook up - article from Laura O'Connell Here

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